Tuesday, November 5, 2013

              As I sit here watching THE VOICE I wish I could sing.   I can in the shower but you may not want to hear it unless you like to here a croaky voice.  If I could sing and a show like the VOICE was on tv when I was growing up then I could have perhaps had a much different life than I have right now.  I could have gone on there and perhaps won to become "THE VOICE" and become a country music singer like Carrie Underwood or Reba and left my family behind and gone out on my own and become famous.   I know there are others in this world living with less than what I have.   I am thankful for what I do have and Thank GOD daily but right now at this time in my life I am struggle trying to fine me again. At the age of 50 plus, it is hard to do if you are a divorced Cougar!!!!!!!!

              I am at the age where by now I had hoped I could retire and enjoy my life with a hubby and some grand kids.  You know where the grand  kids come over to visit you and then that night they go home with their parents and you do not have to drop till your tired and be the Mommy anymore but instead the Granny!   The fun ones they love to come visit!   Instead I am home taking care of my four legged "fir" babies and paying bills!  At least I don't have any credit cards anymore. I gave those up when I divorced because all they are is trouble with a big T!  Now I live within my means and on a tight budget! But who doesn't unless you are rich and I don't have many rich friends!

             I do remember something my Daddy did tell me and I always remember ever thing he said.   "When you are retired , your dead".  Funny thing is, when he retired in 1997,  he did not retire.  He went back to work at the hospital emergency room doing security for alot less pay than he made as a police officer.  But then again, as a police officer he probably did not make much and his job was one of those that you never know when you leave home that morning if you will be coming home that night.  That alone says alot about the type of person he was.

             My Daddy was a great man, father, husband, citizen and human being!  He was very well respected in the community where I lived even though my mother and my siblings treated him badly.  I guess that is where I get my compassionate and wanting to help others from. He helped others and never expected anything in return.

             The day my Daddy was laid to rest he had a funeral fit for a king!!!! He had a 21 gun salute at the cemetery and a funeral procession with over 20 police cars with all their lights flashing on less the sirens.  I was with my sister-in-law in her car behind those cars and I will never forget seeing that.    It was so awesome.  People all over my home town of Seguin, Texas, stopped in their cars paying their last respects to my Daddy.  One of Seguin Texas finest Police Officers they ever will have!!! I remember young officers that day telling me, "your Daddy is the reason I became a cop".  That alone made me so proud to be his daughter!!   Even after he retired he was asked to come back to the PD and help train other cops and help at the PD.  I know that it made him proud to be able to go back and do that because he loved his job as a police officer. 

             I talk to my Daddy everyday and funny sometimes I hear him answering when I speak. I have his voice.   I talk fast like he does, have his gift for gab, whereas I never meet a stranger!  I have many long time friends just like my Daddy did as he did with his police officer friends that retired after or before him.    Even the county officers, Sheriffs' became my Daddy's friends!!!!   I would hope that when I go to heaven to sit with Jesus that people will say nice things about me just like they did about my Daddy!

               My Daddy use to always tell me treat others how you want to be treated and I do that but not everyone does that!  It has become a sad world where others hate so much and cannot all get along!  Even if we all agree to disagree at the end of the day remember that one day you may leave your house and not return because when God is ready to take you he does not tell you to pack and bag and go he just takes you without a minutes notice and you cannot go back.  I have tried extending an olive branch towards others in my family so we can all speak again but they have chosen to be self-absorbed and selfish for whatever reasons and that makes me truly sad because the one person beside my Grandparents that loved me unconditionally was my DADDY and I would love to have one more day to just be able to give him a big hug and have him say, "Baby girl, it is all gonna be ok, your Daddy is right by your side".  So if you have others in your life that are close to you the next time you see them or talk to them because it may be the last time you ever do!!!

            Well, I'm off my soapbox i am gonna go finish watching THE VOICE!!!  Happy Trails, Tails, Sweet dreams and God bless you all in your daily endeavors!!!!!!!!!! Till next time.............           

Monday, October 7, 2013

Yehaw, the Cooler Nites are Here at Last!!!!

Yeahaw ya'll the cooler nights are here and soon the cooler days will be too!! I am so happy that my favorite weather is here. I really wish that TEXAS stayed this way all year around and we only had two seasons, fall and winter!!  It is only gonna last four about four months so I hope them months go by very slow!!!  

 My gelding, Blue was very frisky today, running across the back pasture and my girl, Kelley tried to follow but she always has to stop because of her bummed knee cap. Oh God, will you please put your hand down on my Kelley's knee and heal her so we can run one more time together. I will try and ride her soon but just to walk her because I do not want to run her for fear to lame her permanently.   Afterwards I will walk slower because of this bad old back that I have!!!

Sux to get old, at least when the body goes faster than your mind does.  I try the stretching exercise but if you stretch the wrong way well, then you pop out something you can't put back and then you have to lay them for a few seconds till you can move that direction again.  When did my body go into old fogey mode??? I do not know,  it went before I told it too, I never gave it permission to do so!!! This is not fair.  I have a young mind, heart and wrinkleless face (well, only maybe two lines on my forehead) but parts of my body sound like Rice Krispies in the morning when you add the milk, you know that sound,"Snap, Crackle, Pop" but these sounds are all not in a good sounding Krispy kinda way!!!!

I wish I had tons of money then I could maybe spend it on ways to preserve my body to the age of 20 something!!!   

If you start an exercise program I suggest you stay on it then you don't have to worry about your body falling apart. Being the country girl that I am, my body pains and aches are from my fun times on my appendix-gelding that I left with my ex in Wichita Falls, Texas. Sailor was his name, he was out of Easy Jet and he was a big tall boy about 15 or 16 hands.  He bucked me off one weekend and my gfriends were all mad at me 'cause it was one of our bowling weekends.  I end up out of sorts for along time and to this day have had to make numerous visits to chiropractors to adjust me upright so I can function period!  I do miss hugging on my Sailor boy but the reason I left him with my ex was because I figured one day if Sailor had another bucking fit, then my ex would be on his back and the one out of commission a bit!  I never want to wish him or anyone else dead, I'd just want them to know what it feels like in the same pain I was in laying flat on my back in the dirt staring at the sky wondering where the heck I was and why I was laying there with this horse standing over me, "Whinning at me".  He knew he hurt his Mommy but that was a horses nature to run when he didnt' want to listen.  It is a gelding thing period!

So now 13 years later I deal with the Degenerative Disc disease that the docs tell me I have now..it hurts to sit on my butt for long periods of time and walk too, so when it is shower time the hot water eases my aches and pains.  I live for the days when Icy Hot is my best friend and Nightime PM pills help me sleep. 

So welcome to my world if your getting old you'll know exactly what i am talking about and if you don't then you are so lucky indeed. Enjoy your life pain free because you never know when you may meet up with an orney horse or a car that comes out of nowhere to add to the pains you never wanted to have. 

I'm signing off here because I hear the shower calling my name. Icy Hot is staring at me begging to be on my sore neck and lower back.  Dang I never thought I'd smell all "mentholly" like my Granny K but it keeps her memory alive and close to my heart!!!

Nite ya'll...sweet dreams, happy trails, tails and don't let the bed bugs bite ya where the sun don't shine on ya!!!!! Way to go Daddy!!! I remember that one!!

The VOICE or DANCING WITH THE STARS on Monday Night??!!

Monday night is a fun time on the Direct TV at my house except that I really do miss my PIP on my old tv. I am not the type of person to go out and buy a big 50' inch screen tv even though I'd love to have one, I just don't have the extra money to buy one, so I'm content with my smaller 31", very large back good old Magnavox without PIP that sits on my tv stand with the dvd's stored away underneath.  Thank goodness for the ever faithful "PREV" button on my Remote.  I spend the first five minutes jumping to Channel 2 to watch the VOICE because without Blake Shelton smiling back at me, I get totally depressed.   Then I jump over to Channel 13 so I can watch Dancing With The Stars and get my Bruno Fix!!    I never even watch the commerials anymore I just jump from my two favorite shows to watch them both. I seem to miss more of the Dancing than I do the singing, so I will have to find a channel on my Direct tv guide that will show the DWTS episodes so I can watch them over. 

I believe I did see however that my Favorite person, "Rhoda" Valerie Harper got danced off tonite which will make me sad!!  She is in remission from her cancer but I guess her fan base didn't want to want her continue to dance more for fear she'd get ill again. If you have Cancer remission you can still do your activities, your not dying at that time, your healthy day to day until the nasty Cancer decides to come back again if ever!!!  I will miss seeing her in the finale but I know they will have her back to dance again.  She is an awesome trouper to get out there at her age of over 70 and "boogey". If I were to try and ballroom dance again, well on option 1: my entire body would probably hit the floor and you'd have to peel me off and glue me back together or option 2: I'd be sitting in a nice warm hot tub for a few days after which I would emerge looking like a wrinkled raisin from too much tub soaking!  

It is sad as we age that we forget to continue to exercise or if we end up with a horse or car related accident and it limits us to our daily activities.  Funny, my body feels like it is about 99 but my mind still feels 20!! If I knew now what I did when I was 20, I'd be a millionaire and enjoying my retirement now.  My beloved Daddy in heaven, did say that "when you retire, you are dead" so I will have to remember that one!!!     My Daddy had alot of good metaphors that he said on a daily basis, I am going to have to sit down with my baby sissy and ask her if she remembers some of his daily funnies and post them for you all to laugh at!!

These days I spend my time at home with my "fir"babies and have become quite a couch potato since my lower back is not as strong as it use to be.  In the old days (really only about 13 or so years ago), when I was married to the ex that I made rich whom forgot that in his man-made mind,  the money he made or I made was "our" money when it came to my purchases  it was "My" stuff, but then when "he" bought something it was "his" money and okay to go buy the big purchase.  If I bought something over $200.00, other than the bills, it had to be discussed or it wasn't in the budget.  We really didn't have a budget back then, he made most of the money and I just paid the bills, kept the house clean, took the "fir babies" to vets, ran errands, and bought the groceries.  

Compromise was rare in them days but if I could go back to them, I know the bargaining chip to use "Today"!  I won't tell my secret however because I may need it again someday and I hate to tell all my good Secrets!!!   

Oh well, it is getting late and my wrists are getting tired so I am going to watch the New Adventures of the Old Christine, because Julia Louis Dryfess cracks me up!!!! 

Hope you all have a great night till next time.  Sweet dreams, happy trails or happy tails...Hug your "Fir" babies or loved one tight and don't let the bed bugs bite!!!! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Bring Back GOD !!

So glad that the VOICE is back on....takes my mind off the BS US Government !!!! I am sad that I am a US Citizen. I do not remember in the 70's & 80's that our Government was so screwed up or that the RACIST card was played so much and the crime rate or jobless rate was so bad and in dire straits!!!

If we kept GOD in our schools and in our lives then all of the shit that the government puts us through would not be so bad.  I know GOD is probably saying, What the hell himself!!!!!


The Government Doesn't Care About US!!!!

WTF is wrong with our Government and why is it that the POTUS does not sit in the room with them and instead makes the final decision, he is the main reason this is all coming to a complete shutdown anyway?   

I do not recall any other POTUS, President of the United States ever having to shutdown our government, isn't he the first President to ever come to shutdowns twice?

What the hell is wrong with those jackasses that we elect to make our decisions for us? Isn't it about time, we DO NOT GO TO THE POLLS TO VOTE FOR ANY OF  THEM, THEN PERHAPS THEY CAN SIT THERE HAPPY ASSES AT HOME AND BE JOBLESS AND HOMELESS TOO?? Oh yeah, because they are congressman or women they get to live off of over $100,000k or more after they are no longer an elected official. I am BOYCOTTING  VOTING THIS YEAR BECAUSE I'M TIRED OF THE BS, One less vote from me, means I don't support any of their BSHIT!!!! 


It is my constitutional right (FREEDOM OF SPEECH)  to be able to talk about them whether I vote or not so if you agree or disagree with me, it is your choice but if you think of not VOTING FOR THEM IT WILL DEFNATELY SHOW OUR CONGRESSMEN AND WOMEN THAT NOT ALL AMERICAN'S ARE AS STUPID TO BELIEVE IN THEIR LIES, they do not care about us all they care about is lining their own pockets and taking care of their own families not ours!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Link To My Book....

Living Life Childless and Surviving the Big "C".  Below is the link to the book at Publish America and where you can get a copy of it. It is a very secure website.  Once you get your copy you can send it to me to sign it and then I will mail it back to you.  or Order one to be sent to me first then I'll do a personal Autograph and mail it to you. You can email me at my blog or on my Facebook page on your options. 

http://www.publishamerica.net/product53167.htmlLiving Life Childless & Surviving the Big "C"!

My second book, a children's book about Horses is done but all that is left are the illustrations.  Book #3 is about my Brussels Griffon, Elvis and his wonderful life with me, his Mom!!

Well, this is a short post. I am off to writing again. Take care, Happy Trails or Tails and God bless you all in your daily endeavors.

Check Out My Published Book Now!!!!

Well, my first book has been published. Yippee...Now comes the time to market it and get the book into the right hands so that I can share with the world my story of how I survived Ovarian Cancer.  I am still writing book #2, 3 and 4 and waiting on my Aunt Clara to finish the illustrations on the horse book that I wrote. Moving forward with the books I shall go....it does take a long time for someone to become a published author but it is definately a start!!!!

It has been a rough summer & half the year so far. Got what I thought might turn out to be a good job, then my car was wrecked and backed over with hood, side quarter panel & a/c compressor damage to my car I only had two weeks by a sub at at my job location. Then the man that hired me let me go the next week with this lame excuse, "Your good at what you do but it is not working out". So the job ended up being a wash because people there would not stand by their words!!    That man that said that to me is now unemployed too, so all i can say is "Karma, to you old geezer"!!  Heh-heh!! 

It is very sad when you work hard to help others and try and work with others and then they see you are good at your job and feel threatened by you because you are younger than them and they know you can run circles around them doing their job when they are not there!!  But like we all know "KARMA" IS ALWAYS AROUND TO HELP OUT SO THERE IS NEVER A NEED FOR REVENGE"!!!

It is sad that people can talk but can't back up their own words.  I can remember a time when you could trust folks but now you can't and that is why the word is going to hell and a handbasket!!!!  

I have faith that GOD will provide for me and keep me in his good graces because he knows that I am a loyal believer in his words and that I am a caring, compassionate person and he is just trying to find me the right place to be at the right time.  

I am posting this link to my book:  "Living Life Childless & Surviving the Big "C";  http://www.publishamerica.net/product53167.html,
so that you can go to it and order a book.  Please copy and post it on your Facebook page or email it to a friend too so that they can read it and enrich their lives as well.

Thanks for reading this post. God bless you all and God bless the USA and let's pray that the next President we get is the one that GOD brought to us!!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My little man, ELVIS!

Hello Friends and Family,

          My little man,  Elvis,  my Brussels Griffon is now 3 years old and he has decided since I found a publisher to publish my story about my Ovarian Cancer that he wants me to write a book about how he lived in a puppy mill until he came to be my little man. So soon I will have a post on here with a synopsis from Elvis' book. You will enjoy his story he is quite a character and the joy in my life!!

          I have made some changes on my blog. I added some Google Followers (see left), some new quotes on the right hand side and a link to my Face Book page also.  See the Facebook link to the right above the Contact form.  If you are on Google add me to your circles!

         Don't forget to keep in mind how you can turn your photos into works of art with my friend Paul's transformations.    He is wonderful at his craft of turning photos into beautiful works of arts that will last for many years.  Everyone needs a family heirloom of a photo that they can keep in their home so they will be able to have it as a lasting memory.  Look below at my other posts on my blog where you can see his links.  When you place your order you can order from my Contact form to the right side here on my blog.

Your Photo here!
        This is a short post today but I hope you will stay with me on my adventures and journeys into my stories. I am going to try to make them light hearted, and funny too but they will all be true stories that I tell.   I have so many stories in my head that I know I will be able to write many.

      For those that love to read, I am going to be posting a small portion of the books on my blog and post to Facebook so if you enjoy them then you can order one. I will soon have more information on when and where they are available. Thanks for reading this today.    May your daily endeavors fill your days with joy and you have safe travels where ever you go!! 

Your photo here!
                     Happy trails, sweet dreams and don't forget: 

     What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cancer Ruin My Married Life!

This poem I wrote is a true story about how having Ovarian Cancer ruined my married life.....which I really do miss but I cannot go back now.. it is the past.....he has moved on with his new wife and family....... Writing about my pain is helping me heal since he and I never had any closure together after our divorce.   
It is the only way I can heal on my own. I hope that sharing it with my friends or others somehow I can possibly help them if they are dealing with Cancer too.......Cancer not only hurts the person that has it. It also hurts the ones that love them too!!!   Hope you enjoy reading my poem and any comments you feel you need to leave you can put them in the box on the right of my blog or on my Facebook page where I have posted it also.   Communication is so crucial so don't forget how!!! Thank you and God bless!!
My Ovarian Cancer..
I will never forget the day the doctor came in his office and told me I had Ovarian Cancer.
I remember seeing that look on your face, the blood seem to run right though it because it became so white and pale.
I did not even know what to say, I just sat there numb as the tears ran down my face, crying in my own pain.
As we drove home in silence you could hear a pin drop in the car.  It was ever so eerie.
You walked in the living room and stared at the blank television and drank that whiskey until the entire bottle was gone.
A few days later as I lay in the hospital bed waiting for the doctor to take the cancer out of my body,
You stood next to my bed holding my hand but you never said a word, your silence was surely killing me.
You still had that same blank look on your face, you looked so sad like you had lost your best friend and he was declared legally dead.
After my surgery when I came home to heal it was our life changed forever.
I lost all my faith in God that day that the nasty mean Cancer came and took our babies away. 
The blame game began and the anger grew, we quit talking, loving and hugging too!
How did we let the evil Cancer tear us apart?  We let it beat us, it was not suppose end that way.
The Cancer lead to the demise of our marriage, once we were best friends, lovers, husband and wife.
It has been over 11 years now since our divorce. I still wonder if you blame me or is it better being out of sight, out of mind!?
If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have done things so different.
I would have made you holler, yell and cry with me to get the pain out instead of us never ever speaking about it again.
We gave up on us, we never even tried. If we would have just spoken, maybe we could have saved our marriage and our beautiful wonderful life!! 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This is a true poem about my life~~~~~Julie A. Perrill~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Affordable Works of Art, Created From Your Photos, Fast Service, High Quality & Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Elvis & me in 5.5 x 7.5 Wooden Frame

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My Blue & Kelley!
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You and Your Equine pal!

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When you order today, at no extra charge Paul will create a new profile picture for you  from the finished art work.     Thank you and God bless you and yours!     Julie Perrill